Dear Friends,

Calexico Neighborhood House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to making a difference in the community. We provide high quality programs that benefit all residents in our community and surrounding areas. With important programs and a variety of family-oriented offerings, we believe our services enhance the quality of life of those in our community, making our town a better, healthier place to live. Founded in 1938, Calexico Neighborhood House has become a cultural leader in the local community. Our stability results from the loyal dedication and hard work of many volunteers, and from the many individuals, businesses and foundations, who financially support what we do year after year. We ask you to consider supporting this valuable community asset in any way you can this year. You can help through volunteering your time and service, or even a simple donation. All funds will help support our daily operations and will enable us to continue in our work.

Thank you,
Calexico Neighborhood House


Services Provided with Your Donations & Support

January to December 2015

Micro-Business Service Center

Micro workshops to provide information of how to initiate a micro-business an emphasis on home-based business development.
Number of workshops in 2015:
Number of workshop attendees in 2015: 144

Emergency Assistance Program

Food pantry, rental assistance, clothing and utility assistance for low income families and individuals in crisis.
Number of unduplicated persons served during 2015:
Number of emergency food bags provided in 2015: 3,853
Number of persons assisted with homeless prevention service in 2015: 189
(Water, electricity, gas utilities assistance, rental assistance)

Holiday and Special Events

Thanksgiving Luncheon, Children Toy Distribution, and Annual Christmas Festival.
Number of unduplicated persons served in the 2015 Thanksgiving Luncheon: 680
Number of children given a toy for Christmas Toy Distribution in 2015: 550

Pre-School and Day Care Centers

Year round day-care and pre-school services for low-income working families.
Number of unduplicated children provided preschool services during 2015: 576
Number of preschool enrollment days provided to children in 2015: 47,044

After School Snack and Summer Children Food Program:

Provision of after school snacks to children below the age of 18 during the school year and full lunch meals during the summer.
Number of meals served to children during 2015: 69,635
Number of Children Provided Meals during 2015: 410

Early Literacy Program

Teach parents techniques to read to their children ages 0-5 to get them engaged and prepared for school.
Number of children enrolled in 2015: 163
Number of reading sessions provided in 2015: 139

Mission Thrift Store

Provision of low-cost clothing and household items to low-income families
Number who purchased items at NH Thrift Store in 2015: 3,380
Number of persons who donated items to the NH Thrift Store in 2015: 103

Neighborhood House Shelter/Transitional Housing

Provides emergency and transitional shelter to homeless woman and children, as well as, case manage-ment services.
Number of unduplicated women & children provided shelter in 2015: 147
Number of shelter nights provided in 2015: 7,887

NH Volunteer Program:

Provision of community service by individuals participating in student community service activities, stu-dent intern projects, employee volunteer programs, court ordered community service, and other volun-teer referral programs.
Number of volunteer hours served during 2015: 9,290
Number of unduplicated volunteers during 2015: 372
In-kind dollar amount provided by volunteers in 2015: $92,290